Dental Digital Photography

Dental Digital Photography

Dr. Steven Goldstein Lectures On Dental Digital Photography


Dental digital photography is commonly used in many of today’s dental practices, and high-quality dental images are paramount for diagnosis and case planning, laboratory communications, and to help patients make decisions about their dental treatment. It also allows us to show patients similar case types as theirs, seeing what can be accomplished with various dental procedures. Isn’t dental digital photography great?!

Here are some dental images that we use to communicate with our laboratory technician. Even though he is physically in our office, he will view the images as he fabricates the restorations. By creating a dental smile design and drawing lines on the images, he can clearly get a perspective of the overall alignment of the patient’s teeth with respect to their face, lips, and mid-line. These are the details that allow us to produce beautiful restorations that seamlessly blend into the patients face.

The Smile Gallery is a collection of completed dental cases. This smile gallery represents many different types of restorative dentistry on a variety of patients. Each patient presents their own needs and desires and it is Dr. Goldstein’s job to listen to them and help guide them with the various treatment options. Each dental case is unique and presents our team with different challenges. Feel free to view the smile gallery casework through the link below, and if you have any specific questions about dental digital photography, contact Dr. Goldstein.

By Steven H. Goldstein, DDS

Smile Gallery

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